Next Generation CRM is a company providing web based CRM tools. Our CRM solutions are competitively priced, fast and easy to use, and because no hardware or software is required, it is quick to implement. Your company can be up and running in days; what’s more you can access your CRM database from anywhere using an internet connection.

The CRM solutions from are designed for the needs of small and medium sized organizations providing you with the tools to make your business more successful.

A CRM system containing everything you need to manage your business

Workbooks provides incredible insight into what's going on in your organization. Ranging from creating and monitoring effective marketing campaigns right through opportunity management to after sales support. Every step of the way Workbooks CRM provides access to powerful information via dashboards and reports, that will ensure your business is progressing in the right way.

Workbooks CRM and Business Editions are designed to:

  • Increase sales by enhancing the effectiveness of your marketing and sales teams
  • Raise the quality of service delivered to your customers
  • Minimize Cost of Operations by automating key business processes
  • Track key business information, ensuring an overall view of your customers and make sure the right people have the right information to make the right decisions at the right time.

Workbooks CRM is based on the very latest Web 2.0 technology. It is developed to be simple to understand, intuitive, yet packed full of features. Unlike traditional web based CRM systems, Workbooks CRM is not built using flat web pages. It delivers an easy to use ‘Windows-like’ interface with comprehensive features.

Workbooks CRM Edition

Workbooks provides your company with the right customer information when you need it. By streamlining the business process of Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, and Finance & Admin you will have an increased understanding of your business. Quick access to reports and dashboards and drill down into details will ensure you have your 'finger on the pulse'.

Workbooks CRM Analytics and Reporting

Create powerful customised reports and analytics, referencing all components of your CRM database. View as aggregated information or drill-down into every detail you need.

Workbooks CRM dashboards

Management dashboards allow you to graphically display the information you need in real-time. They are ideal for showing performance against target across any area of the business.

Using Workbooks Business and Workbooks CRM it is simple to monitor and report on business data and answer key questions, such as:

  • How are leads progressing? How is our sales pipeline looking; at every stage of the sales cycle?
  • What opportunities will we close this month, this quarter or fiscal year?
  • Who of the sales reps are - or are not - reaching their targets?
  • Do we have sufficient leads? What is their origin?
  • Do we have too many leads? Or do we need more resources to realise these opportunities?
  • Are we getting a positive ROI on marketing campaigns? Which marketing campaigns result in the most or best leads?
  • How many customer support tickets are handled in a given period - per support representative or per team?