TrackerRMS was formed to embrace the increasing needs for organisations to obtain access to powerful business application over the internet. TrackerRMS goal is to deliver a richly featured yet cost effective CRM, Recruitment, Project and Ticket Management solution. TrackerRMS provides a fast and actionable insight into their clients and their business. TrackerRMS is an fully hosted, completely customisable ASP tool which is delivering cutting edge sales, recruitment, delivery and support functionality through your browser. Using TrackerRMS software there is no need for additional software to run your business and receive maximum ROI and efficiency in the day to day running of your business.


TrackerRMS offers a comprehensive CRM solution that can be applied to any business requiring a system for tracking customer activity and information.

CRM Sales

Automation of your Sales Force and solid Opportunity Management is essential when effectively selling within a sales lifecycle. TrackerRMS allows your company to see how leads and opportunities are progressing at any time in the lifecycle. The E-sales functionality from TrackerRMS underpins our core Customer Relationship Management module giving every sales force a solid set of tools to manage Leads to successful Opportunities.

CRM Diary Management

Activity management is essential for any sales organisation, as is the ability to track a history of meetings, calls, emails and more. This valuable insight provides an instant recallable audit of what happened when, as well as providing tools to plan your future activities as an efficient sales team.

CRM Lead & Opportunity Management

The Leads functionality hooks directly into your website through your “Contact Us” page. This allows your sales force to respond instantly to prospects and move this contact through to sales, support or accounts quickly and efficiently as appropriate. Qualification of Leads and Opportunities is paramount to knowing where to focus sales efforts. The customisable scoring system provides a solid base for the assessment of each lead as well as a powerful tool for knowing which Opportunities are strong or weak. TrackerRMS handles the reporting and intelligence while your sales team keeps their focus on selling.

CRM Account & Contact management

Profit from a solid Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service that allows your company to manage day-to-day contacts and activities through a range of features such as Task, Appointment, Telephone, Fax, Letter, Email, TextSMS, Teleconference and Event tracking using the Account & Contact Management function from TrackerRMS

CRM Reporting & Analytics

The TrackerRMS CRM tool brings you a comprehensive range of role-based scorecards and reports based on a powerful query-based reporting function with endless reporting capability.

CRM Campaign Management

TrackerRMS CRM software provides a browser-based campaign management tool that automates multi-channel campaigns including direct mail, email, fax, web and telemarketing. The Campaign Management module delivers tracking of your campaigns with full personalisation features.

Other features from TrackerRMS include:

  • CRM Work Flow - a subtle yet powerful workflow engine.
  • CRM Integration - TrackerRMS is an all-in-one solution without the necessity for integration.
  • CRM Multi Territory - ability to support a single organisation across multi territories.
  • CRM Security - TrackerRMS provides a feature rich set of security tools providing you with high levels of control of fundamental importance to all SaaS companies.
  • CRM Content Management - The TrackerRMS Document Library provides an online repository of searchable content, templates and documents.
  • CRM Finance - TrackerRMS comes with a simple to use set of features to allow management, tracking and collation of all payments and invoicing around the products, services or time booked against any given contract or project.