SuperOffice CRM

SuperOffice CRM software

Enhancing relations with customers is vital for any business. SuperOffice CRM helps to create links between your business processes, your employees and your customers, prospects and suppliers. Our CRM software allows you to keep track of all interactions, giving a comprehensive overview of all contact-related information. This promotes company-wide teamwork and boosts productivity. SuperOffice CRM provides all the relevant information and closes the gaps between departments and business areas.

SuperOffice CRM saves time

SuperOffice CRM saves time by simplifying tasks like searching for contact information. All information about prospects, customers, and suppliers is consolidated in one easily accessible CRM database. In a few mouse clicks you can access company details, contact histories, correspondence and information from other data sources, like your Accounting or ERP system. The suggested productivity gains from using SuperOffice CRM are not conceptual! Research shows an average productivity gain of 20% within weeks.

Not your average CRM software

SuperOffice is not your average CRM software. It’s designed with great care and attention to detail far beyond normal. The development model of SuperOffice CRM is centered around the process of quality product design. The SuperOffice development team applies best practice industrial design principles with the latest advances in graphical user interface design for software.

The current climate of ever increasing complexity threatens to make organisations more transaction-oriented and less customer-oriented. A customer centric approach is needed and the only way we can achieve this is by providing your people with intuitive, user friendly, and work process supporting IT solutions. – Making customer oriented tasks like marketing, sales, and customer care simple, logical and time efficient - is the premise for the development of SuperOffice CRM. SuperOffice CRM should be a natural extension of how people like to work. It will inspire to spend scarce working time revenue generating in a manner that enhances customer relationships.

SuperOffice CRM, both online and offline

SuperOffice CRM offers software solutions for online and offline access, both with full functionality. For SuperOffice CRM Online you pay a low, monthly subscription. Like this, you can focus on what you do best; your business While our award-winning CRM software installed at our professional hosting partner who takes care of all aspects of the IT management for you. The CRM solutions from SuperOffice are based on leading technology standards. Our CRM platform is build on Microsoft.NET and is re-developed from the ground up since 2001.