Salesforce CRM is supplier of professional CRM solutions based on the concept of cloud computing. Sales Force Automation (SFA) is a widely used sales tool, designed to streamline and speed up all steps in the sales process and provide the business clear analyses and forecasts. Sales Force Automation from is used by over 72.500 customers worldwide, representing 1,5 million users. Salesforce is renowned for their solutions for sales and service (also known as Customer Relationship Management).

Salesforce CRM from

The sales and marketing solution from, allows companies to control their sales data. Due to comprehensive and user friendly features of Salesforce CRM your sales organization can deal with commercial processes more efficiently. Ultimately, leading to more deals for your sales reps. With Salesforce CRM sales reps use their time for selling instead of administrative tasks.

Ensure increased sales productivity

Imagine how successful your organisation will be if your sales force can concentrate on their core competence: sales! To accomplish this, you have to provide them with the proper tools. Salesforce CRM Sales automates approvals, suggests sales materials, connects sales reps to experts en provides a 360 degree overview on customer data

Help each sales rep to become your best sales rep.

When proven sales methods are available as workflows in Salesforce CRM, all reps should be able to sell as well as your top reps. Powerful features for distributing leads, opportunity management, team sales and editing data and influencing the sales process with the click of the mouse will increase success rates and shorten sales cycles.

Monitor your company real-time

Salesforce CRM ends the complicated combining of spreadsheets and other data sources and worrying about lacking forecasts. With instant access to reliable, real time data for pipeline, forecasts and productivity, you’ll never experience surprises.

Your comprehensive toolkit for commercial success

The Salesforce Sales Cloud puts all necessities in one place. It’s easy to use for everybody within your organization and the relevant customer information needed gets pushed to your organization in real time. Suddenly, sales success is not only possible, it’s easy. Give reps, managers and execs all they need to focus on what’s important: more sales and less administration.