Sage CRM

In today's challenging economic environment, your company requires more than great products to drive sales. Great customer service is the driving force that differentiates one business from another, and acquiring and retaining customers is essential for your success. With Sage CRM, your business can unlock the full revenue potential of your customers and close sales opportunities with prospects.

Sage CRM Sales: shorten sales cycles and close deals faster

The Sage CRM software puts your company in complete control of its sales pipeline, allowing the sales professionals to effectively manage, forecast, and report on all phases of the sales cycle.

  • Get instant access to important customer data including history, quotes, forecasts, and reports and graphs.
  • Distribute leads automatically to your sales team.
  • Integration with back-office applications provides a complete 360 degree view of customers based on financial and non-financial data.
  • Using mobile and offline solutions, everybody can stay productive even when out of the office.

Using Sage CRM, your organization can make informed decisions, identify the best opportunities, and eliminate bottlenecks that lengthen the sales cycle.

Sage CRM Marketing: Better track and manage marketing campaigns

Using the Sage CRM system, your company can target the right customer at the right time, improve campaign management, eliminate guesswork, and put your marketing resources to their best use.

  • Close more new business and capitalize on lucrative cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with accurate metrics on all of your marketing activities, including ROI.
  • Automate and monitor every marketing campaign, from one-off email communications to multi-level marketing programs.

With Sage CRM you can execute more effective campaigns, track responses faster and easier, and make solid decisions based on what your customers want and how they respond.

Sage CRM Customer Care: Make the most of every customer interaction

The Customer Relationship Management software for Sage will empower your business with the information needed to build and maintain long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Get fast online access to call and escalation history, service requests, support cases, interactions, multiple contacts, documents, and email.
  • With complete and accurate data at your fingertips, your company can provide the level of professional service your customers expect.

With Sage CRM customer support automation your business can quickly resolve issues and easily capitalize on up-sell or cross-sell opportunities.

Sage CRM Dashboard: Revolutionize how you manage information

The interactive dashboard of the Sage CRM database transforms the way you manage your business and how your employees manage their day.

  • Manage all your activities from one applications, including calendar, tasks, and to-do lists.
  • Use innovative drag and drop functionality to quickly and easily customize the layout and the information displayed on your dashboard.
  • Tap into social networking for instant knowledge about contacts through integration with social media sites like LinkedIn, and view web and RSS feeds that deliver relevant content such as blogs and news.

The interactive dashboard in the Sage CRM package delivers a rich and personalized user experience that helps drive user adoption across the business and boosts productivity.

Sage CRM Mobile Solutions: Access CRM data and remain productive

The mobile CRM solution from Sage makes it simple for the sales team to stay productive even when out of the office.

  • Schedule activities and appointments or access and update contacts and sales opportunities while on the road.
  • Gain from real-time data at your fingertips—anywhere, anytime—using wireless connectivity with enhanced support for PDA devices supporting the Microsoft Windows Mobile OS.
  • Use the Offline Synchronization feature to work offline and later synchronize with the central server.

Close more opportunities and satisfy more customers with SageCRM on-the-go.

Sage CRM Integration

Sage CRM software provides integration with Microsoft Outlook as well as leading ERP solutions, providing you with more complete data, so you can make the most of your current solutions.

  • Run Microsoft Outlook within your SageCRM solution and gain from complete, two-way synchronization of your contacts, tasks, and calendar (appointments), in addition to full-featured email integration.
  • Get a complete view of all customer interactions with integration between SageCRM and back-office accounting and financial applications.

Work smarter and faster using the integration features within SageCRM.