Oracle CRM software

With the acquisition of Siebel CRM software, Oracle now offers a comprehensive, world-class set of CRM solutions. The acquisition of Siebel CRM lets Oracle offer the most complete business analytics tools available today, giving organisations the ability to analyse, monitor, and act upon information in real time while providing complete insight into company operations and financial performance. This merger with Siebel CRM also means the most comprehensive offering of CRM solutions on-demand and on-premise available today, giving companies the confidence of knowing that both their CRM and ERP investments will be supported by Oracle.

Why Oracle CRM?

The world's most comprehensive CRM (customer relationship management ) tool, Oracle's Siebel CRM helps organisations differentiate their businesses to achieve maximum growth. To manage all customer facing operations, it delivers a combination of transactional, analytical, and engagement features. With CRM systems tailored to more than 20 industries, Oracle CRM delivers:

  • Comprehensive on demand and on premise CRM packages
  • Customised industry CRM solutions
  • Pre-built integration and role-based customer intelligence

Oracle CRM Sales Applications

Oracle CRM Sales applications maximise sales effectiveness in real time by accelerating the lead-to-close process, aligning sales channels, and increasing average transaction values.

  • Complete, industry-specific SFA features
  • Proven mobility solutions for remote access
  • Fast roll-out using on-demand CRM options

Oracle CRM Enterprise Marketing Suite

Oracle CRM Enterprise Marketing Suite is a complete solution that enables B2B and B2C companies across industries to achieve marketing excellence. Cusomised to the needs of consumer and business marketers across industries, the Oracle CRM Enterprise Marketing Suite delivers actionable insight to the marketing organisation.

  • Fusion of Marketing Insight and Action
  • Seamless integration with Execution Channels
  • Best-in-Class End-to-End Solution

Oracle CRM Contact Center and Service

Oracle CRM Contact Center and Service tools helps companies deliver better, quicker, and more-efficient customer service. Whether a organisation needs on-premise, hosted, or mobile, solutions, these solutions provide optimal resource deployment, fast request handling, speedy issue resolution, and powerful monitoring and analytics capabilities. As a result, organisations can raise customer satisfaction while reducing costs at all touch points around the globe. The Oracle CRM Self-Service add-on allows your customers to do business with you anytime, anywhere.

Oracle CRM Contact Center Anywhere

Oracle CRM Contact Center Anywhere is a pre-integrated, multichannel contact center platform taking communications from anywhere and routing them to anywhere. This CTI solution includes queuing and routing of traditional phone calls in addition to fax, email, chat, and callback requests. It also provides blended predictive and preview dialing, multichannel reporting, interactive voice response (IVR), call recording, and tools for supervisors to manage the call center.

Oracle CRM Contact Center Anywhere enhances agent, supervisor, and administrator productivity by extending the call center beyond the limits of traditional infrastructure. All call center agents can work efficiently from anywhere in the world with overall views into customer interactions and real-time business intelligence. Managers are equipped with screens that can be customised instantly and tools for tracking and coaching agents, wherever they are located. Administrators can adjust to changing needs with real-time administration tools for realising moves, adds, and changes.

Oracle CRM On Demand

Oracle CRM On Demand gives your company the power to break down departmental silos and obtain a overall view of your customers. Oracle CRM On Demand ia a highly comprehensive, fast-to-deploy CRM solution, that goes far beyond any other software-as-a-service offering. Build loyal, long-term customer relationships; bring clarity to your sales processes; boost call center efficiency; accelerate productivity; and derive customer intelligence. Using Oracle CRM On Demand your business can do all this and more – leveraging an easy-to-use and highly customisable CRM tool offered at a predictable per month, per user price. With comprehensive features for Sales, Service, Marketing, Call Center, Analytics, and Mobile.