Microsoft CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM software

From first customer contact to after-sales service, Microsoft CRM provides web-enabled customer relationship management solutions to automate day-to-day tasks for marketing, sales, customer service, field service and call centre professionals. Improve your customer loyalty, and empower your marketing, sales and customer service teams to work together to shorten sales cycles and boost revenue.

Key Features of Microsoft CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides an intuitive interface similar to applications your employees will probably already be familiar with. Dynamics CRM users can work from within Microsoft Outlook to access comprehensive customer or incident histories, manage contacts, track customer related tasks and appointments and view product and sales literature.

Because Microsoft CRM works seamlessly with Outlook, employees can manage customer interactions quickly and efficiently. A user of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM software can pick a received email from a prospect, promote the email to a customer record, and use pre-defined workflow rules to schedule future tasks with this prospect – all without leaving the familiar Outlook interface.

Increase sales force capability with Dynamics CRM

Microsoft CRM Sales helps your sales people manage leads and opportunities, measure and forecast sales activity, track customer communications efficiently, and automate key stages in the sales process. This inevitably produces a shorter cycle, higher close rates and improved customer retention.


Headquarters allows managers at the head office of a multi-store business or chain to gather data from all their stores so they can have a complete view of their business.

Improve customer service capabilities using Microsoft CRM

Dynamics CRM Customer Service helps your company enhance its capacity to process requests – without extra employees – and helps your service employees provide customers with the consistent, efficient service to exceed their expectations.

Increase Your Business Success with Microsoft CRM

Build customer loyalty to drive repeat business. Used by leading companies all over the world, Microsoft CRM is:

  • Designed to fit your organization through extensive customization and partner offerings.
  • Flexible, with possibilities for deployment, purchase, and access.
  • Familiar and easy to use because of the well-known Microsoft user interface.

Microsoft CRM and Marketing

Get a flexible CRM solution that is easy to use and engineered to fit your organization. Transform all touchpoints into a marketing opportunities and reveal the undiscovered potential within your customer base. Using Microsoft CRM software, you can do your marketing more effectively, increase productivity and gain actionable insight.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Sales Force Automation

Your sales teams will be quickly up to speed using the advanced and easy-to-use features of Microsoft CRM. Profit from a highly intuitive and familiar interface and intergrated Microsoft Office capabilities to streamline sales cycles, boost productivity and gain insights to drive more sales.

Microsoft CRM and Customer Service

Make your customer service department a strategic asset using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Based on a 360-degree view of the customer, your representatives can resolve issues quickly and decrease handling times. With the automation of processes, your company can reduce costs and guarantee consistent service is delivered across all customer touchpoints.

Customize and Extend Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Technology professionals experience Dynamics CRM as easy to customize and build on. You can:

  • Customize and control data access for advanced security.
  • Quickly automate business processes.
  • Integrate Microsoft CRM with other Microsoft solutions and third-party applications.
  • Create integrations across your business with Web services.

Unleash the Power of Choice with Dynamics CRM

Microsoft CRM is flexible and familiar and fits your business. Unlike other CRM solutions, it gives you a choice in three key areas:

  • Subscribe, buy it outright, or finance.
  • Deploy on-premise or on-demand and easily switch options if your organization needs change.
  • Use it within MS Outlook, a Web browser, a custom portal, a MS Office SharePoint portal, or a mobile device.

Why the Power of Choice Matters

Every organization experiences change. Whether caused by new regulations, accelerated growth, through budget tightening, or mergers and acquisitions, your business should always be ready to adapt in this dynamic business environment. Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the Power of Choice, your company is ready to make the most of your investment, adapting to almost any change:

  • Choose Dynamics CRM on-premise for ultimate customization and integration capabilities within your existing Microsoft infrastructure.
  • Select on-demand deployment with Microsoft CRM Online if you want a fast, affordable, and streamlined way of implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Pilot thi CRM tool online before bringing it in-house, or use it indefinitely reducing the burden on your IT staff and minimize costs.
  • Experience real application portability and decrease risk. Move between on-demand and on-premise usage seamlessly as your organizational needs change. The architecture of Microsoft CRM software simplifies the migration between delivery models.
  • Meet the requirements of different teams using a hybrid model to address the needs of different business units or teams located in other geographic areas with an on-demand deployment for some groups and an on-premise deployment for others.
  • What ever deployment option you select, your company has choices in how to buy Microsoft CRM and how users get access to the CRM database.