Maximizer CRM

Customer Relationship Management, consists of all processes and software that improve performance, collaboration, and business visibility across all customer touch points. If customer relationships are important to your business, then effective CRM strategies and software are key.

A CRM system consolidates all available information on customers and processes into a holistic view of each customer. This enables all employees in sales, marketing and customer service to make quick, information based decisions on all commercial issues.

For every company size Maximizer CRM has the right CRM, Mobile CRM, or Contact Management solution. Maximizer CRM is easy and quick to deploy, use and manage. Maximizer Software has over one million users in more than 120,000 organizations including: Siemens, Cathay Pacific, HSBC, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Ipsos Canada, TD Securities, Société Générale and Oxford University. Maximizer CRM provides full-featured CRM Software with convenient access options for today's mobile workforce.

Maximizer CRM: Mobile CRM

Today’s customers have greater expectations than ever for rapid response. Your employees, like field sales and service staff, mobile professionals, and executives need accurate information at all times, to cope with these demands.

A proper mobile CRM software solution is the key to this success. Mobile devices have become critical tools to compete effectively. With Mobile CRM from Maximizer, including CRM for iPhone, CRM for BlackBerry, CRM for Windows Mobile, CRM for Nokia and CRM for Google Android you can go beyond email handling and be proactive about managing your customers. Your laptop or Internet connection is not always available when you need the latest information in the CRM database. Don't let this hinder your mobile staff from succeeding in the field.

Equipping your field staff with mobile CRM from Maximizer gives your company an edge over the competition with access to accounts, sales deals, service cases, and schedules while on the road. Waiting for a laptop to boot up, or fumbling through account notes before a sales call is history. Get Mobile CRM software for your mobile staff today.