GoldMine CRM software

With a headquarter in Pleasanton (USA), FrontRange Solutions is a global market leader in the development of business software applications tailored for the mid-market. Best known for its HEAT Service Desk and applications, FrontRange is also the developer of solutions for IT Service Management and Infrastructure Management, enabling companies to unify their external and internal customer support.

GoldMine CRM: Building Successful Business Relationships

The success of a business comes down to your relationships with prospects and customers. Provide your team with the information and support they need to focus on and nurture their business relationships with a complete Customer Relationship Management family of solutions. Using powerful relationship management as well as sales, marketing and customer service automation software, you can streamline the sales cycle, improve customer satisfaction, boost team collaboration and refine your efforts to make the most of your business.

FrontRange's comprehensive Customer Relationship Management product line offers a wide range of functionality and features, allowing you to choose the modules and solutions that best fit your organization. GoldMine CRM solutions help reduce the complexity of your IT infrastructure, lower costs and ensure your company has the agility it needs to remain competitive.

GoldMine CRM Enterprise: The latest CRM solution from FrontRange's award-winning GoldMine product line

GoldMine Enterprise is created for companies wanting its CRM to add significant value, not just automate sales calls. These businesses require a CRM solution to create value through higher success ratios, increased agility and integration of information from disparate points in the organization.

GoldMine CRM Premium: Focus on Customer Relationships

Customers need it now: real answers…. real time! In these economic times a solution is needed that is easy to install and enables your business to achieve quick return on investment. The Premium Edition helps yout company to retain existing customers, and will enable you to come out of these tough times positioned better than the competition.

GoldMine CRM Premium Edition supports all your sales, marketing and customer service business needs with strong CRM features, including sales force automation, marketing automation, relationship management, and service and support automation.

The new Premium Edition features are built specifically to empower the user with information, complete the customer view, boost client productivity, and lower total cost of ownership.

GoldMine CRM Corporate Edition: Focus on Customer Relationships

The Corporate Edition enables your company to effectively manage all facets of your business relationships. Winning opportunities and retaining customers occur at every phase of the customer relationship lifecycle. GoldMine CRM Corporate enables your business to turn more of these opportunities into bottom-line value, often by leveraging data you already collect.

Especially designed for small to medium-sized enterprises or distributed enterprises, the Corporate Edition delivers CRM software the way you want it.

GoldMine Mobile CRM Edition: Access your GoldMine CRM database anywhere, at anytime

Provide your sales reps with instant access to their most important sales information while they are out of the office. GoldMine CRM Mobile Edition works with your existing Premium or Corporate Edition infrastructure and runs on the BlackBerry product line.

The Mobile CRM Edition is a sales application that allows your mobile employees to access their CRM database information and daily calendaring activities while they are disconnected from the office environment. This easy to use and install mobile CRM application allows users in the field to improve their selling efforts.