Chrome CRM

Chrome CRM: Online CRM Software

Chrome CRM is a richly-featured, on-demand, web-based CRM solution that enables the integrated delivery of CRM, management information, Internet and email functionality.

How does Chrome CRM work?

Your data resides on a hosted server and is accessed via a web browser. Web-based means there is no big IT overhead and you can connect wherever you are. The solution is integrated with your online activities to create a rich CRM environment delivering real-time information to support daily operations and enhance sales, marketing and personal productivity.

What can Chrome CRM do for you?

Chrome CRM software increases your personal productivity, sales efficiency, marketing activities and customer care by enabling you to:

  • Manage your business relations
  • Get a grip on your communication and history
  • Share documents and information
  • Ensure efficient work and high quality results.

How is the CRM information accessed?

The Chrome CRM system enables great flexibility in accessing your CRM database via a secure Web interface. You can also access the information on your PDA or mobile phone, ensuring you are in control of your business from anywhere at any time.

Why use Chrome CRM?

Chrome CRM is unique because of the philosophy behind this CRM tool, its implementation, and how the system is supported. Deploying a CRM system means a cultural change – salespeople seldom get fired for landing a large order and forgetting to fill in the paper-work. The developers of Chrome CRM embraced a philosophy that says: “people must want to use the system”. Next to a personal productivity tool, it should be a process and management information system as well. A successful implementation of a CRM project means effecting a successful cultural change and providing excellent support to the users. Using a CRM system online means having all CRM functions easily accessible in one system, immediately, from any place in the world.

Chrome CRM is delivered as a “turn-key” solution: hosted in one of the most secure hosting centers in Europe with 24/7 monitoring and uptime support and can be implemented with minimal effort.

In the UK Chrome CRM is distributed by Collier Pickard.