Aplicor CRM

Online CRM Software

The Aplicor Customer Relationship Management solution is a Web-based CRM software suite including Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, Project Office and Customer Support. The entire CRM suite is easy to use and can be quickly deployed. Aplicor CRM helps you to acquire, retain and grow profitable customer relationships by:

  • enhancing marketing effectiveness
  • increasing sales win rates
  • growing customer share
  • decreasing customer churn
  • automating sales and customer support
  • reporting & analysis.

Aplicor CRM Sales Force Automation (SFA)

Aplicor CRM provides total account management including segmentation of accounts, mapping related organizations, financial metrics, trend based analysis, user-defined fields and much more. Accounts are often assigned based on territory, employee size, an accounts plan or a host of other criteria. Aplicor CRM permits flexibility like allowing unlimited numbers of addresses for each account, unlimited contacts for companies and a comprehensive historical audit trail for each organization in the CRM database.

Aplicor CRM Marketing Solution

Every sales and marketing professional will recognise you have to spend money to make money. But, most business development professionals also know you can't manage what isn't measured. or Demand generation programs and advertising without historical analysis, methodical execution and demonstrated payback are often money wasted. Aplicor CRM Marketing Management offers science and predictability for a traditionally emotionally evaluated business expenditure.

Aplicor CRM PSA and Project Office Project Software

Once a deal is negotiated, the next step for most organisations is to deliver what they’ve sold. The Aplicor Project Office module is designed to manage client fulfillment projects and internal projects. This module is a secured extranet site acting as a central depository for project related information. A complete vehicle for team communication, collaboration and 24 by 7 project participation.

Aplicor Customer Service and help desk solution


Sales and service need to be tightly integrated in order to realistically expect repeat sales and increasing customer share. The Aplicor Customer Service module is designed to be the foundation for organisations seriously desiring to improve their customer service and improve customer retention. Customer retention is recognised to costs less than the acquisition of customer.