ACT! CRM by Sage

The number one selling contact and customer management application, ACT CRM helps small businesses to work more effectively. Using ACT CRM software, you can easily access a complete, integrated view of your contact history, leave no task undone, impress contacts with your follow-up, and make information based decisions to improve your business.

Successfully Advance Your Business using ACT CRM

To stay productive all day, while building strong business relationships is essential to improving the success of any organisation. Try to imagine following up new leads without delay and having an answer right away to a question asked by your best customer—even if you are out of the office. With ACT CRM by Sage, you can now accomplish the tasks that are decisive to the success of ypour business.

ACT CRM is Number One Selling Across the Globe

The ACT CRM system is the number One selling contact and customer management tool continuing to dominate the CRM market by offering the latest, most intuitive software to businesses across the globe. Backed by millions of users and tens of thousands corporate customers, ACT CRM users are fanatical about the benefits of using ACT CRM.

Using ACT CRM, your business will realize significant productivity gains by working smarter and faster. As a result, you'll have time to focus on business-critical activities, provide a differentiated customer experience based on profound knowledge about their needs, and make decisions with confidence to boost your business.

The ACT CRM tool supports an anywhere workforce with seamless online, offline, and mobile access. Because ACT CRM can be fully customized with very little technical knowledge required, it can fit the requirements of any industry.

Accomplish It All with


Save all your important customer details in the ACT CRM database. Whether you use the ACT CRM e-mail client, Lotus Notes, or Microsoft Outlook, you can track and organize e-mails on associated contact records. You can easily send professional marketing communications to your contacts, using Mail Merge and pre-formatted templates for HTML, e-mails, and letters.

To gain more insight into your business, process your leads in ACT CRM from the first contact to close. Utilize the ACT CRM sales process or a customized process that suits your company and selling style. Track products on each sales opportunity, specify product discounts and costs for each item and generate instant quotes without entering additional information. Monitor the progress of sales opportunities and activities with the ACT CRM dashboards. When you need more detail 40 preformatted reports are available for further analysis. Using ACT CRM your company can accomplish it all!

ACT! for Individuals / Small Business

Work more effectively using ACT CRM by Sage, the number one selling software for contact and customer management.

  • Save your important relationship details in a single database for quick, organized access to the information you need.
  • Remain productive and get up-to-speed quickly with ACT CRMs intuitive interface, making it easy to learn and use.
  • Find the customer information you need instantly using the powerful search capabilities of ACT!.
  • Stay top of mind with your prospects and customers by communicating consistently and successfully.
  • Manage your daily activities by scheduling and tracking contacts and tasks within ACT CRM.
  • Customize ACT CRM to fit your business needs and ensure capturing the data you require.
  • Using dashboards and reports for informed decision making and instant insight into the performance of your business .
  • Access relationship details remote, along with your calendar when and where you need it.
  • Integrate ACT CRM with applications you use every day to work the way in which you are accustomed.

ACT! for Sales Reps

Meet your sales targets and boost revenue with ACT CRM.

  • Store all important relationship details for quick, organized access in one centralized CRM database.
  • Use powerful search capabilities in an easy-to-use format to find the exact relationship details you need instantly.
  • Don't overlook important sales calls, meetings, and to-do's by managing your daily responsibilities within ACT CRM.
  • Track sales leads from first interaction through close, making sure no opportunity is lost.
  • Remain top of mind by communicating consistently and successfully with your prospects and customers.
  • Benefit from instant insight into your sales pipeline and performance utilizing dashboards and reports for more informed decision making.
  • Access relationship details remote, along with your schedule, for the information you need, when and where you need it.

ACT! by Sage for Sales Managers

Enable your sales organization to meet sales targets and boost revenue using ACT CRM.

  • Keep all important relationship details in one central crm databse for quick, organized access to the customer information your sales team needs.
  • Make sure your team doesn't overlook important sales calls, meetings, and to-do's by managing their daily responsibilities within ACT CRM.
  • Monitor sales leads from initial contact through close, ensuring no deal is lost.
  • Benefit from instant insight into your team’s sales pipeline and performance using dashboards and reports for more informed decision making and to boost sales results.
  • Enable your team to access their relationship details, along with their schedule remote.

ACT CRM by Sage for IT Professionals

Provide an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use CRM solution for your organization with ACT!

  • Implement out of the box or customize to fit your needs.
  • With automatic backup, database maintenance, and synchronization ACT! is easy to administer .
  • Users will be up and running quickly, with no training required because ACT CRM is easy to learn and use.
  • Provides secure, central access to relationship information.

Count on the Proven Success of ACT CRM and Sage Software

Sage CRM Solutions offer a robust range of CRM tools to fit any business. With the backing of the Sage organization, you can rely on the tools and services you need from a company you can count on.

Award-Winning ACT CRM Solutions

You can choose from a variety of award-winning CRM software solutions to fit your needs, including ACT CRM which enables individual professionals and small businesses to achieve greater productivity and build better business relationships. Or choose ACT! Premium Solutions, which are most suitable for individuals and teams of selling professionals seeking a feature-rich, scalable CRM solution.

ACT CRM Industry Solutions

While ACT! can be used in virtually any industry. ACT CRM also offers software designed specifically for real estate and financial professionals, including ACT CRM By Sage for Real Estate and ACT CRM by Sage for Financial Professionals. These CRM systems provide you with all the powerful features included with ACT CRM, plus industry-specific functionality that help you better manage your business.

Growth Options and Local Support with ACT CRM by Sage

The ACT! CRM system is part of the Sage Software product family, so as your business grows and changes, you will find a range of business management solutions to meet your needs. Sage offers an extensive range of frontoffice and back-office solutions including accounting, fixed asset management, payroll, human resources, e-commerce, contact management, and customer relationship management. Because the ACT CRM package is part of the Sage CRM Solutions family, including market-leading CRM solutions such as Sage CRM,, and Sage SalesLogix, you can always migrate from ACT CRM to a full-scale CRM solution.

Sage has developed a network with hundreds of Value Added Resellers, Certified CRM Consultants, and Trainers around the world who are specialized in installation, customization, support, and end-user training of the ACT CRM package, so your business can maximize its investment in ACT CRM.