CRM systems: you can’t get what isn’t there

CRM Systems can be very useful

Investing in a CRM system can boast your business. Especially when your business is build on intensive customer interaction and long term relationships. The key for success fully implementing a Customer Relationship Management strategy and the accompanying software tools is the actual use of the CRM system. Everybody in the organisation involved in customer contacts should use the system. The quality of the information in the customer database depends on the data entered by its users.

Sales reps often “proof” the be the weak link

Sales reps are often blamed for bad or incomplete data. Salesmen aren’t interested in IT, they want to be free and are sloppy when it comes to administration. Is this really true? Sales wants to score deals, that’s what they‘re hired for.CRM Systems So, maybe they reason for not using the CRM solution can be found in the fact the system doesn’t help sales to accomplish their goals. If the system is used as a tool to track the activities of the sales professionals instead of helping them to sell more effective, you can’t really blame them for not being too enthusiastic about entering data in a “big brother” tool.

It all starts with a decent implementation

When you start planning the selection and implementation of a CRM system, make sure to involve all people who are going to use the application. Find out what they need in order to make their job more efficient and improve the quality of their customer interactions. If these requirements form the base for comparing the shortlisted CRM systems and the goals for the actual implementation project, it should assure intensive usage of the software and high quality data in the database. And only high quality data will lead to useful management reports that can be used to further improve the commercial business process.

Image source: ©Michael Novelo - Fotolia