Esteiro are the software authors for Gold-Vision CRM. We are a dynamic organisation, with over 20 years of CRM, business process and technical experience. Our customer base includes businesses from a wide range of industries based in the UK, Europe and US and vary from small emerging businesses, to major PLC’s, across the commercial and non-profit sectors.

Working together with our customers to provide excellent customer service is paramount to us. As a Gold-Vision customer you will enjoy premium support from a highly qualified technical and business team who work alongside the software developers. If you need an answer you will be able to speak to the right person quickly. We approach each customer´s CRM project with the mind-set: ‘what´s best for your business?’ The combination of the feature-rich Gold-Vision CRM system backed up by the delivery and development experience of Esteiro offers a winning business case for the progression of your organisation.


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