Customer FOCUS Software UK Ltd

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  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • +44 (0) 845 833 7545

Customer FOCUS Software started life as a bespoke business system for a multi national chemical company back in 1996. As this company changed from a manufacturing bias to a distribution bias the software was modified and developed into standard modules. In 1999 Customer FOCUS Software was created to help another related company manage its customer base and sales force. Since then Customer FOCUS has been developed based on requests from a rapidly expanding user base to cover other areas of business operation whilst keeping the core focus on the Customer (unlike most other packages focused on the company) hence Customer FOCUS Business Operation Software. Functionality has been increased until in 2001 the MDBS (Complete Business System was launched) and new modules are always being added as users request increased functionality. We understand that it is not always practical or desirable to change all your business systems at once yet you still want some of the functionality offered by Customer FOCUS. We have therefore developed these 4 specialist sales, marketing & customer service packages that can either work as stand alone systems or be linked into your existing business system. Customer FOCUS Total Business Systems have been specifically developed for organisations that have outgrown basic accounting software packages and are looking for a toolset to help them expand and focus on moving their businesses forward. Our total business systems enable a company to have one integrated software package to cover all key business operations from marketing to accounts to manufacturing.