InTouch CRM is an integrated CRM and Communications platform.

It provides organisations with a simple to use CRM system to capture customer details, sales leads and other vital contact data.

InTouch also offers the standard CRM functionality such as a shared calendar, shared documents, workflow, contact history and database reporting.

It also provides users with email marketing, survey marketing, SMS marketing which enables organisations to make best use of their customer and contact data.

The InTouch marketing module provides all of the campaign reports (showing email opens and click throughs) so enabling you to build a complete communications history with your customer.

InTouch is owned by Customers Really Matter and is developed and supported from the UK.

InTouch is a web based platform and is also available through a mobile version (Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile)

InTouch can be customised to work uniquely for your organisation and is suitable for the SOHO and Medium sized organisation with current user deployments ranging from 1 to 200 concurrent users.