SalesOutlook CRM

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SalesOutlook CRM Software is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for Microsoft Outlook which utilises both Microsoft Office® and the Microsoft Exchange Server® to deliver a powerful and customisable account-focused CRM. SalesOutlook CRM Software is the powerful and friendly CRM solution for Microsoft Outlook users Because SalesOutlook CRM Software leverages the existing Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office environments users need very little training. SalesOutlook offers an intuitive, easy-to-use design and leverages the Microsoft technology you already own. SalesOutlook presents users with a familiar, easy to use interface meaning it is easy to implement into your business and for your staff to adopt and embrace. Within just a few hours of using our CRM for Outlook every knowledge worker can be more productive. Because everyone already uses Microsoft Outlook and Office, user acceptance issues become a thing of the past! Best of all, customer information stays up to date because everyone uses SalesOutlook as they send and receive email using Microsoft Outlook. The SalesOutlook CRM solution is very affordable to buy, implement and own, and it will help everyone in your organisation be more productive while improving response times to customers, prospects and partners to ultimately increase sales and satisfaction. We can help you keep costs down while maximising your revenue, and depending on the size of your organisation and your specific requirements, the SalesOutlook CRM software comes in several different flavours, so you can choose what package best suits your needs.