Prospect 365 Stock-Aware CRM

Prospect 365 is designed specifically for businesses who sell physical products from stock B2B. Wholesalers and distributors need a solution that can fully understand and interpret stock, sales history, special pricing and customer terms – and Prospect 365 is the answer. Our solution is the Stock-Aware CRM because of its unparalleled integration framework to almost any ERP / Accounting system and partnerships with approved native integration to some of the leading back-office accounting systems including Access Dimensions, Exchequer, Pegasus Opera, Sage 50, SAP and Xero. Unlike other CRM systems, businesses get a return on investment from day one using Prospect 365, as they have access to critical customer information immediately – even in the Free Trial.
Prospect 365 gives businesses real control through the full sales cycle - from Marketing, Sales Lead Management, Quoting, Ordering, After-Sales Service and Business Intelligence.

Prospect 365 Stock-Aware CRM

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