CRM software selection

SelectCRM improves your CRM software selection.

SelectCRM will save you time and money by providing up to date information on Customer Relationship Management. Obtain the unique SelectCRM information pack, including the personal selection report for free and speed up your CRM software selection process. Thousands of European organisations ranging from small to multinational, like Philips, Accenture and Groupon, have used SelectCRM as an independent starting point for their CRM software selection. The expertise of SelectCRM is acknowledged by leading CRM suppliers worldwide.

Select enables you to easily compare the most suitable CRM applications for your organisation. The information pack contains detailed documentation on the chosen CRM solutions and can be requested for free, without any obligations. In this information pack you will also find the tailored selection report, fascinating case studies, cutting edge whitepapers and a book all about CRM.

Select's vendor criteria

Suppliers represented at SelectCRM meet the following criteria:CRM Software Selection

  • Participants are leading UK CRM software vendors.
  • Participating software vendors have a considerable client portfolio.
  • Participants are original software manufacturers, or authorised agents of the software manufacturers.

How to prepare for your CRM software selection

For starters, you should define the CRM goals for your organisation. To obtain these goals, you’ll require specific information on your prospects and customers and CRM software features facilitating the input of this data in a central database. Elaboration of your CRM goals should result in a list of requirements you can use on SelectCRM to create a shortlist of potential solutions. A few of these vendors can be invited to demonstrate their application. Make sure you get a demonstration tailored to your specific business situation instead of a general presentation only showing the unique selling points of the system concerned. The solution best fitting your budget, business case, functional and technical requirements should be the one to build your business on.

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