What is CRM?

"Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the true business of every company: make customers, keep customers and maximise customer profitability." (Peter Drucker)

There’s nothing new in the fact that profitable clients are a company’s best assurance for continuity. It is still vital to optimise return from existing and new clients. We are keen to build a long-term relationship with profitable clients and, preferably, to have as many clients of that kind as possible. Succeeding in that area makes us a viable organisation.

The (right) clients and their needs are key: that is the basis of CRM. As a result, CRM is not an IT solution, but a vision that deals very consciously with (potential) clients and relationships. But this doesn’t mean IT isn’t a very practical tool in the application of CRM. The ability to focus on a relationship is optimised once everyone within the organisation is aware of what is going on at customers and prospects. IT is ideally suited to the structured collection and accessing of this (client) information.

What can CRM software do for you?

Customer relationship management software helps to provide a clear picture of the relationship with your customer. In this way you can respond to the needs of your customer and enhance the competitiveness of your business. CRMDoing business based on the needs and the profile of the customer, means that you have to map this customer based on relevant data. You must set the value of customers. CRM software ensures the customer data, the history of transactions and even the full correspondence is collected and stored in a structured way. The goal is to get all the information about your customers within your organisation in one central database. All departments within a company benefit from knowledge about customers and their needs.

Customer relationship management software manages all customer data and centralises this information in a central database. This tells sales which actions have been performed by marketing, the manager knows who the best customers are and even the support professional can improve his service to customers. A CRM project is useful for all departments and all systems within your company.

As a result of using CRM software you know better what customers and market segments are profitable. Based on this information, you can improve the success of your business.

What can SelectCRM do for you?

SelectCRM allows you to compare the top UK CRM suppliers online, using an interactive checklist. When you order our free information pack, you'll get access to brochures from the selected vendors and other useful information on this subject. The info pack also contains an interactive CRM software selection tool to review the CRM systems based on your requirements.

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